The thoroughbred stock of Wagyufrance and their strong connection with the original breed.


Under the Japanese regime of Emperor Meji (1867-1912), the native stock was crossbred with foreign types of cattle, like Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn. The genetic experiments aimed to raise the meat and milk yield. Unfortunately, the specific characteristics that produced the excellent meat quality and exquisite taste were lost this way. After World War I , breeding programmes were called into life to let the demanded characteristics of the race dominate again. The foundations of the three most important bloodlines that the Black Wagyu knows today, were laid: Fujiyoshi or Shimane, Kedaka and Tajiri or Tajima bloodline. Their offspring, all herd book animals, carry the genetics of the authentic breed with them and are known worldwide for their top quality.


In 2005 the first embryo’s were imported from the Australian Westholme Wagyu to Domaine du Tilleul in Northern France. The seed comes from bulls born in Japan with each of them having a separate bloodline. It protects the offspring from inbreeding. The bulls are also registered in Japan by the Zenwa and were awarded the ‘Hongen certificate’, the highest status that this Japanese office for the registration Wagyu grants. This means that the progenitors are extremely suitable for breeding. The mothers of the embryo’s were born from Japanese parents and grandparents of Westholme Wagyu. In February 2006, the first thoroughbred Wagyus were born from Belgian surrogate mothers.

Wagyufrance is proud to present to you the progenitors of her herd:

Bull 1. progenitor: Hirashige-Tayasu – bloodline: Kedaka

Wagyu bull1

Hirashige-Tayasu comes from the bloodline Kedaka. Characteristic of the Japanese bulls from this bloodline is their well proportioned body with strong upper part of the body, their strong growth and supple fur. It’s especially their physique and high degree of fertility that has contributed to the improvement of the breeding process throughout the years.

Bull 2. progenitor: Itomoritaka – bloodline: Fujiyoshi  

wagyu bull 2

The Japanese bull Itomoritaka has inherited good characteristics from the Fujiyoshi bloodline as well as the Kedaka bloodline. Fujiyoshi guarantees calve with a steady growth, a soft character and exquisite meat quality. Cows from this bloodline are excellent mothers with a high fertility rate. Fujiyoshi is one of the most important bloodlines because of the delivery of exclusive meat.

Bull 3. progenitor: Kitateruyasu-doi – bloodline: Tajima

wagyu bull 3

Kitateruyasu-doi comes from the influential bloodline Tajima. Their offspring are known for their calm temperament, their exquisite marbling meat and supple fur. The introduction of Tajima in regional breeding programmes contributed strongly to the improvement of the character and meat quality of the Japanese Black Wagyu after WW I.

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